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Transportation of the deceased from/to abroad

There is nothing more painful than the loss of a close person, however, when such misfortune occurs not in Lithuania relatives face not only grief but also various problems related with transportation of the remains and worries of filling documents. If a person who dies abroad is insured, the insurance company, which arranges all established documents and formalities for transportation of the remains, takes care of transportation of the remains.

On the other hand, if insurance is absent, all responsibility for transportation of the remains and payment for services falls on relatives of the deceased as Lithuanian diplomatic missions or consular offices abroad do not organize transportation and funeral of remains of citizens who died abroad. These services are a competence of our funeral services company.

In a hard moment of bereavement you do not know where to apply and what to do, you find yourself lost in plenty of bureaucratic formalities and you cannot find a clear answer? If you have any questions related with transportation of remains from abroad and with search for financing, apply to us twenty four hours a day and we will try to ensure that painful loss of a close person would not be shadowed even more by a burden of financial worries.

In case of such misfortune, our company is ready to help you – transportation of remains from and to abroad is included into the list of our priority activities. We arrange all necessary documents and take care of their legalization both in Lithuania and in foreign embassies.

Following humanity principles and taking into consideration the client’s bereavement suffering and his or her financial state, we try the most that transportation of the deceased to the native land would be a fast and cheap process. High level of professionalism and reliability in this field is also demonstrated by our many years’ experience in transportation of remains. We have transported remains from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic and other countries including Russia.


Remains of citizens who died in foreign country can be transported to Lithuania only in accordance with the procedure established by that country and after receiving a permit issued by diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Lithuania which allows transportation of remains of the deceased in a casket. In order to transport remains a special casket meeting transportation requirements is necessary. If remains of the deceased are transported to Lithuania in an urn, a permit from diplomatic mission or consular office of the Republic of Lithuania is not required. In order to receive a permit to transport remains of the deceased in a casket, it is necessary to submit to diplomatic mission of consular office of the Republic of Lithuania various documents: death certificate issued by an institution of the state where the person died; document verifying identity of the deceased; medical certificate regarding a cause of death; a certificate issued by an establishment which deals with remains of the deceased confirming that the remains are placed into a special double casket for transportation, etc.

For relatives of the deceased these formalities cause much confusion and additional worries, thus, we assume tackling these problems. On the basis of our submitted documents, Lithuanian missions issue special permits for transportation of remains in a special casket. Diplomatic mission or consular office may require other documents necessary in accordance with the procedure established by that state. It is our responsibility to ensure that all bureaucratic processes are fluent and effective.

We want to emphasize that it is not required to pay the whole price for transportation of the deceased from or to abroad in advance. When an agreement is concluded, an advance payment is paid according to agreement and the residual amount shall be paid within one month from transportation of remains.